Day 199: Isaiah 7-9; The Sign of Immanuel

Portions of today’s reading are probably quite familiar to you if you have been around church during the time of Advent.  There are a great many references to the coming of Jesus, though Isaiah doesn’t name him directly, in these three verses.  Apart from reading over them to read through the Bible, I can’t say that I’ve ever closely looked at the Scripture surrounding these few prophecies of the coming Messiah.  To be honest, I don’t think that many of us have because of the nature of the timing with which we read them.  Advent is wholly focused on the coming of Christ.  We spend a great deal of time “preparing our hearts” for His arrival, to celebrate the incarnation of God into this world as a human baby.  There is so much that goes along with this, much of which I am sure we will talk about when we enter into the New Testament in a couple months.

For now, however, I think it is important to see these verses within the context that they are found here in Isaiah.  As he is writing, and as the Lord is speaking this word to him, Isaiah is prophesying both judgment and hope.  As I was reading this, I first thought that this was all gloom and doom for Israel, but really what Isaiah is talking about are the things that are to happen prior to the coming of the Lord’s anointed One.  So what we are reading here is kind of a back and forth talking about the judgment of the wicked and the hope God is also speaking to here in the coming Messiah and the kingdom of God.

When I read this Scripture and think about the message that Isaiah is speaking to these people, one that would likely be carried all over the people of Israel, I start to see the message of hope being emphasized, even though it seems as though the message of judgment is what stands out.  Isaiah is speaking of how God is going to use another nation to wipe out the Northern Kingdom of Israel, a message that, for the Hebrew people, probably shook their worldview to its foundation.  The God of Heaven had chosen this people to be His people since the time of Abraham their forefather.  All through that time, even in their rebellion and sinfulness, God had always been their for them, to fight for them and protect them as His people.  Yet now, it seems, the nature of God (perhaps ‘nature’ isn’t an appropriate word as God is unchanging) has changed in relationship to them.  They would probably be wondering about the covenant, whether God was dissolving it or not, and what the final straw was that got them to this point.

Yet I think the point that Isaiah is trying to get across to the people, that point being the message that God has for the people, what actually quite the opposite of God “giving up” on them.  Indeed God is saying quite the opposite to them, especially to the people of Judah.  He is saying that, though there is punishment coming, judgment for their sinful ways, that He is by no means giving up on them.  In fact, God already knows how and when He is going to bring about their restoration, both as a nation, and spiritually as His people.  This is a message of Judgement, for the Northern Kingdom especially, but as we will find out, the restoration that is brought about through Jesus Christ is not just for the Southern Kingdom of Judah, but for all nations, just as was originally promised to Abraham… a man chosen and blessed to be a blessing to all the nations of the world.  This is important to keep in front of us throughout the reading of the prophets, even amid the gloom and doom of judgment messages, the focus of God is always towards calling people to repentence now, of course, and towards hope and future restoration that would be and will be fulfilled in Jesus Christ.

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