We affirm the supremacy of Christ, the centrality of the Gospel, and the absolute truth of Scripture.
Living out our value of Absolute Truth is demonstrated by:
Endeavoring to glorify Christ in all we say and do;
Ensuring that all of our ministries, programs, and events are centered and rooted in Christ;
Upholding scripture as the sole source of absolute truth.
As individuals and as a church, we have a growing desire to be led by the Holy Spirit,
and to experience the power of the Holy Spirit.
Living out our value of Holy Spirit Power is demonstrated by:
An ever increasing desire to more deeply experience the power of the Holy Spirit;
Equipping people to grow in their ability to recognize and follow the Spirit’s leading;
Equipping people to grow in praying in accordance with the Holy Spirit’s leading.
We are committed to cherishing and enfolding children and youth, and to disciple people of all ages
so that all might experience an increasingly full life in Christ.

Living out our value of Lifelong Growth is demonstrated by:
Making sure that every young person feels welcomed, valued, and able to connect with others;
Teaching and modeling for children and youth what a vibrant, healthy life in Christ entails;
Equipping, encouraging, and praying for all who connect with Hopkins Community Church.
We are a welcoming, accepting, compassionate church that strives for deep connection with Christ,
with one another, and with the greater Hopkins community.

Living out our value of Connecting in Community is demonstrated by:
Embracing our call to be ambassadors for Christ by sharing Christ’s love with words and actions;
Warmly welcoming and enfolding all who enter our doors;
Being active participants in, and contributors to, the greater Hopkins community.
How will we know that we are living into our Mission? 
We believe that, in accordance with Scripture, when one member or part of the body is built up, we are all strengthened (1 Corinthians 12:12-30).  Therefore we endeavor to see every ministry at HCC coalesce around these values, our Mission, and ultimately the Vision that God has for the Hopkins Community.  As individuals grow through our ministries, we all grow and the body of Christ is strengthened and built up for greater Kingdom Mission.
We evaluate our growth based on a set of “metrics” that our partners in ministry take as a self-evaluation.  Annually, we will ask those that call HCC ‘home’ to take consider where they feel they are at and we will gather that data to get a sense of where HCC is at and perhaps what adjustments we need to make to further foster, equip, and empower our growth together. 
We invite you to take the assessment below.  Each question would be phrased as follows, “On a Scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being the lowest, (insert assessment question).  Your answers will be kept confidential and will be used in a greater assessment of the life of the church.  We also hope to offer a comparison to you each year of where you are vs. where you felt you were in the previous year.