Hopkins Community Church is a member church of the Reformed Church in America.

Though HCC is affiliated with the RCA, that is absolutely NOT a limiting factor in regard to those who are welcome here.      We believe that everyone belongs in God’s family and we celebrate a diversity of backgrounds, personalities, gifts, and views within the community of faith.  All are welcome here.

Being Reformed means that we share a particular “polity”;  that is, how the church is governed and run.  It also means a commitment to the authority of Scripture, God’s grace as the basis of salvation, faith in Jesus Christ as the only means of salvation, Jesus Himself being the sole merit of our salvation; and that, in all things, we give glory to God alone.  Reformed theology also places emphasis on two sacraments: Communion (the Lord’s Supper) and Baptism. Traditionally, those who are reformed practice infant baptism; however, we believe that the act of baptism does not save someone but is a celebration of the movement of God in the life of that individual; or in the case of an infant, the family and the church as well.

The RCA is a longstanding denomination in North America.  The denomination provides oversight for the church and support if necessary.  For more information on the Reformed Church in America, please visit