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We are committed to Connecting People to Christ and Community.

During the school year, we host classes and gatherings for all ages.
Discipleship hour begins after coffee fellowship which immediately follows the Sunday morning service.
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Class Facilitators:
Preschool – 
Kindergarten – 
2nd – 3rd Grade – 
4th – 5th Grade – 
Middle School – 
High School Boys –
High School Girls – 
Adult Gatherings:
Adult Sunday School – 
Adult Sunday School –



Christ-centered, chronological Bible studies for kids, students, and adults


It is God’s plan to rescue His people from sin through the life, death, and resurrection of His Son, Jesus Christ. And it changes everything. Moral stories become a master plan. A church becomes a culture of grace. Good deeds become a holy mission.
The Gospel Project exists to point kids, students, and adults to the gospel of Jesus Christ. Through weekly group Bible studies and additional resources, all ages discover how God’s plan of redemption unfolds throughout Scripture and still today, compelling them to join the mission of God.

The Gospel Project provides theological yet practical, age-appropriate Bible studies that immerses your entire church in the story of the gospel, helping to develop a gospel culture that leads to gospel mission: Gospel Story: Immersing people of all ages in the storyline of Scripture: God’s plan to rescue and redeem His creation through His Son, Jesus Christ. Gospel Culture: Inspiring communities where the gospel saturates our experience, and doubters become believers who become declarers of the gospel. Gospel Mission: Empowering believers to live on mission, declaring the good news of the gospel in word and deed.



Fall 2019 – In the Beginning

Winter 2020 – Out of Egypt