Membership Information
This page is dedicated to internal information pertaining to the church that is not posted elsewhere.
We have not included this page in any of our navigation bars; it can only be reached by direct address.
Older minutes and reports are available upon request in the office.

Hopkins Community Church Bylaws

(Approved by Consistory, pending Congregational approval)
For more on the Creeds and confessions affirmed in the HCC Statement of Faith/Beliefs, please see the following pages dedicated specifically to Creeds and Reformed Confessions.

Reformed Church in America: 2019 Book of Church Order 


Consistory Minutes:

November 2020
December 2020
Financial Reports:
November 2020
December 2020
Older minutes and reports are available in the office upon request.
Congregational Meetings:
Previous Congregational meetings and large group gatherings can be viewed by following this link:

2020 Congregational Meeting Minutes

(consistory approved, pending congregational approval)