2 Timothy 4 – Inconvenient Truth

Read 2 Timothy 4

Once again Paul makes a number of remarks that have come to pass in a number of concrete ways once again in the present time.  In a culture which celebrates truth as being “relative” to each individual, people are becoming less and less open to hearing the teachings of Scripture, the message of the Gospel, and the call of God to live a transformed life.  People are happy enough to simply be “good” people, even “spiritual” people, but all without the commitment of faith and religion.

And why not?  Christianity, as well as all of the other major religions, has its dark marks throughout history.  We are imperfect people, seeking to follow the will of God, and messing it up far too often.

Through it all, however, the message of the Gospel has not changed, and the call of God to live in response to grace has also not changed.  Scripture tells that we are to flee from sin in all its various forms.  It also outlines what sin is.  Unfortunately, as we “progress” in society, those boundaries seem to mean less and less.

Paul says that a time will come when people will no longer listen to sound doctrine, but instead will seek to hear only what they want to hear.  We have seen this happen in the church far too much in recent history.  In one sense, this is the reason that we have so many denominations of Christianity in the Church today.  It is also the reason why we continue to fight and argue about peripheral things rather than focusing on the unity that Scripture calls us to as the Body of Christ and the message that we are called to proclaim together.

The Gospel of Jesus Christ is Good News for everyone, but good news doesn’t necessarily mean that it doesn’t challenge or ways of life.  Grace abounds through all things, but God calls us to not conform to this world but be transformed by the Holy Spirit’s work in renewing us each day.

2 Timothy 3 – Mark My Words

Read 2 Timothy 3

I’ve talked to a number of people over the years who are completely surprised and baffled by the moral decline in society in the present age.  More and more is seems as though people are given to doing whatever they like and the line between good and bad is becoming quite grey, if it exists at all in people’s minds.

For a while, there as a widely held belief that Scripture pointed to a society that was always progressing towards a more idyllic state, which would be the manifestation of the beginning of the 1,000-year reign of Christ described in revelation.  This belief emerged after the middle ages when many aspects of the human experience were developing rapidly and the quality of human life had risen dramatically.

All of this was pretty much destroyed by 1945, after two devastating world wars.  It became all too obvious that society was indeed headed down a different path.  This, however, shouldn’t have been surprising for us.  Scripture is actually quite clear that:

  1. Sin has infected every part of our lives, we are not capable of saving ourselves
  2. The closer we come to the end, the more corrupt and godless society will become
  3. It is Jesus Christ alone who will set up His Kingdom here on earth

Paul’s encouragement, in light of this reality, is once again to hold fast to the teachings of Scripture.  In the face of increasing godlessness, of moral decline, and of persecution, Paul reminds Timothy that it is God’s Word that will provide the foundation for perseverance in faith.

Things have not changed today.  Moral decline is an everyday reality; Christian faith is being challenged and the “relative truth” teachings of western culture allow for any type of sin and lifestyle.  These things are creeping their way into the church as well.  While we are not called to be judges and haters of others because of their choices, but rather to love them with the love of Christ, we too much be careful, holding fast to the Word of God so that we persevere in the faith and do not fall victim to the temptations of the world .