1 Peter 1 – Living Hope

Read 1 Peter 1

Peter opens his letter with a customary thanksgiving statement that praises God for all that He has done and continues to do in the lives of His people.  As he does this, he references the hope that we have, a “living hope” that is in Jesus Christ.  This, for Peter, is the foundation for all that is to come, for our whole lives as those who are “in Christ,” who have been “given new birth.”

This is an important place to start for Him, given all that is going on in the context of this writing.  Peter, along with the whole Church in the Roman Empire, has been facing dramatic persecution, the likes, and duration of which they had not yet seen since Jesus was taken into heaven.

In the face of this, where people were having to worship in secret, hide their identities, and were likely watchings friends and neighbors arrested and even put to death, Peter encourages them in the same way that Paul does: “Hold on to your faith.”  Peter reminds the of the Gospel, of the true hope that is found in Jesus Christ and the nature of that hope as well.  There is nothing that humans can do to take that away from them.  No matter how bad it gets, God is greater.  Even death cannot put an end to this hope.

With all of us waking up “post-election” today, whatever the results are (I’m writing this having just voted), and wondering like the rest of the U.S. what the results are going to be tomorrow when this is being read.  There is a lot of opportunity for fear, doubt, and disbelief.  I’m sure there was back then as well.  But Peter’s words here, and all throughout Scripture reminds us that our true hope does not lie in things in this world and that nothing in this world can take the true hope, the hope that lives eternally in us through Jesus Christ.