Romans 11 – What About Israel?

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So far, Paul has talked has laid out how God has worked through Israel in working out His plan of salvation for the whole world.  As has been true throughout Scripture, things like disobedience and legalism, that the enemy meant for bad, God had always meant for good, for the blessing of the whole world as His original covenant with Abraham said.

However, that lends itself to the question, “What about Israel?”  If God meant for all of this to happen, was He just using this whole nation of Millions of people over hundreds of years just to cast them aside when the goal of Salvation was accomplished?  Certainly, it could seem this way.

Paul’s words here would seem to bring a difficult conclusion.  After talking about the need for faith, in response to God’s freely given grace in Jesus Christ, as the means to salvation, he then makes some rather confusing statements about Israel’s salvation despite their disobedience.

There are two important things that we need to remember in reading Scripture like this that can seem to be confusing.  First, we don’t read this Scripture in a vacuum but have to take it within its context and also in the context of the whole of God’s Word.  God’s grace is preeminent over all of this and, as those who believe in Jesus Christ will be saved.

Second, Paul’s concluding statement of this section of the book of Romans speaks very clearly to how we understand (or don’t) God’s work.  Echoing the words of the prophet Isaiah, Paul affirms that God’s ways are much higher, deeper, and greater than we could possibly understand.  In fact, Paul praises God for that because the same grace that welcomes us into God’s salvation is available to all those who are searching.

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