HCC 2022 Mission and Vision Goals Part 6: Vision Action

Parts 2 through 6 of the HCC 2022 Mission and Vision Goals series on the HCC blog are going to be about unpacking the “foreground” of the HCC’s 7-year Vision.  Remember that we are looking at the whole Vision like a picture in a frame.  The frame represents the Mission of HCC with its mission statement, values, metrics for success, etc.  In the center of the frame is a picture that represents the Vision proper.
Every good picture has a series of focus points.  There is the foreground, the midground, the background, and the horizon (and beyond).  As we think about Vision, we are thinking about it in these same terms, and also adding a timeline to it which is as follows:
  • Beyond the Horizon – 7 Years
  • Back Ground – 3 Years
  • Mid-Ground – 1 Year
  • Foreground – 90 Days
The closer we get to the front of the picture, the more dynamic and detailed the Vision becomes.  For more on this, check out the first post in this series:

 2022 Goals

Hopkins Community Church has main goals (mid-ground Vision) for 2022:
Remember, the Foreground (90-day) Vision elements are not necessarily directly correlated to the Mid-ground (1-year) goals.  Rather, these 90-day goals will help drive us toward achieving the 1-year goals.


While all of the things that we have been talking about are related to the Vision, the “Actionable” elements of the Mid-Ground vision focus really coalesce under the heading of “Vision Action”.  As was said in each post, all of the Foreground Vision elements serve to drive HCC toward the 1-year goal.  Communication efficiency is important because without it we will not be able to inform you of what we are doing or events that are coming up.  Likewise, discipleship is how we both grow in our faith and are also prepared to share that faith.  Elements from each of the prior posts all help to feed the overall Vision.  In the same way that a painting is not done with a single brush or color, so too is our Vision not carried out by just doing one thing.
HCC’s discipleship push is largely centered around small groups and apologetics.  ROOTED has been a key factor in growing relationships as well as deepening faith.  One key element of ROOTED is the encouragement to tell your story.  This is accompanied by a challenge to tell your faith story to someone who doesn’t know Jesus.  HCC uses an apologetics-based curriculum to guide both Sunday School and preaching.  No single lesson provides all the answers, but over time we are equipping the congregation with Biblical knowledge and the ability to answer questions about faith.
Community Engagement is an important aspect of Vision advancement too.  We hold events that bless and serve the community of Hopkins.  Apart from following what Scripture says about living out our faith, this shows our true interest in the community rather than just a push to proselytize.  Sharing the Gospel is key to Evangelism; people receive the message much more readily when paired with loving action.


In 2021, we achieved an 87% success rate in making a connection with every household in the Village of Hopkins!  For a first-time effort where we learned as we went, I believe that is a major victory.  HCC received, prayed for, and followed up on over 70 prayer requests and almost a number of service requests too.
As we move into 2022, a new “Mid-ground” focus comes into view.  This year we will again visit every household in the Village of Hopkins.  We will ask the same questions and give a gift as we did before.  We are, however, raising the bar on our conversations.  In 2022, we will also endeavor to have a more in-depth conversation that includes a conversation about the Gospel, Jesus, and/or our faith.  For this, I believe, most of HCC will want some training.

 Breaking Down The 2022 Vision Action 

The Vision Action Team will be working, in the first couple of months to set up a plan for how we will again visit every household in the Village.  Like last year, they will also prepare a gift and manage the information that we collect.
Expectancy, our prayer and discipleship group, has received permission from the consistory to create a “prayer wall” on the east side of the sanctuary.  This wall will serve to engage the congregation in our effort to pray for each other as well as this community.  Prayer requests posted here, anonymously or not, will be visible and accessible for the congregation and incorporated into our weekly time of prayer in Sunday worship.
Later in March, HCC will host the Go and Tell Evangelism Workshop.  We are inviting Jim Halstead from Go & Tell Ministries to help equip the congregation for sharing the Gospel Message with others.  This workshop will be followed up with small group offerings (discipleship) for groups that are active or want to form.  The Great Commission Study is a 7-week series that “equips you to Delight in God, Declare the Gospel and Make Disciples who will, in turn, make disciples.”
Finally, beginning in May, we will begin going out into the Village again, meeting people, and sharing the good news of Jesus Christ with them.  Our goal is to see more than 50% of HCC participate in this throughout the summer as we meet with our friends and neighbors to share the Gospel with them.
With that in mind, HCC I ask you right now to begin praying for this.  Pray that God would draw all of HCC to the Evangelism Workshop.  Ask that God would prepare the hearts of this community to receive the Gospel.  Finally, pick someone and commit to praying for them BY NAME, that God would create opportunities for you to share your faith with them and that they would be open to hearing and believing the message of the Gospel!

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