HCC 2022 Mission and Vision Goals Part 1: Explanation

Welcome to the first of several posts about the Vision goals of Hopkins Community Church for 2022.

Vision Explanation

At the beginning of 2021, the leadership of Hopkins Community Church worked to discern God’s Vision for HCC over the next 7 years of ministry.  This Vision is broken down into several elements that we think of much like a picture.  The picture frame is what comprises the elements of a church’s Mission.  These things (Mission Statement, Values, Metrics, etc.) for the frame which contains the Vision, which is viewed as a picture.  There are things in the foreground, the midground, the background, and then there are things beyond the horizon.
When work is done to discern God’s Vision for a church, we start beyond the horizon and work our way forward to the foreground, the closest and most imminent things that we are doing to move us closer to the larger goals.  These different elements are broken down into timeframes to help keep an organization moving forward towards bigger and bigger goals.

Hopkins Community Church Vision Picture

Hopkins Community Church’s Seven year Vision is to reach every household in the Greater Hopkins Community with the good news of the Gospel.  This is our “Beyond-The-Horizon” Vision.
The Background Vision is a set of Goals we aim to achieve at the end of three years (December 2023).  As you can see in the picture above, this is divided into 4 big picture goals that are intended to feed the main 7-year Vision goal.  Our three-year goals are:
  • 3 Generations of Rooted Groups involving <50% of the congregation
  • 6 Regular community events to serve/bless the community
  • 50% of the congregation is equipped and willing to have Gospel conversations with anyone at the prompting of the Holy Spirit
  • Mobilization of 12 Kingdom Prayer Teams (24 people) ready to be in the community for prayer needs
Our “Midground” vision is a single 1-year goal.  As we get closer to the foreground, things become more dynamic.  This one-year goal changes each year and is defined and redefined as the picture takes shape over the development of the Vision.  HCC’s year 1 goal for 2021 was to “Visit every household in the Village of Hopkins and make a connection, asking two questions about how we can serve them and how we can pray for them.”  Through the work of the Vision Implementation team and many of you from the Congregation, we managed to make a connection with 87% of the houses in the Village of Hopkins.  Those that we didn’t make a connection with were attempted at least three times.

HCC Vision Goals for 2022

As we move into 2022, our Midground Vision is becoming clearer as we identify a Vision goal for 2022.  In fact, we have identified TWO major goals for 2022.
  • We will revisit every household in the Village of Hopkins, offering them a gift, asking our two questions, inviting them to an event or worship service, and having a Gospel-Centered (evangelistic) conversation.
  • We will work as a congregation to ELIMINATE our existing DEBT.
These are two major goals that we feel God is calling us two in 2022 that also push us forward to the greater 3-year and ultimately 7-year Vision goals of reaching every household in the greater Hopkins community with the Good News of Jesus Christ.
Over the next couple of days, we will unpack the “Midground” Vision goals for 2022 by laying out the foreground (90-day) vision goals and how we will work to achieve them.  We will target 5 areas of emphasis in 90-day increments as we move into and through 2022 (in no particular order):
  • Debt Elimination
  • Discipleship
  • Vision Action
  • Communication
  • Community Engagement

 Ministry Mission Metrics

One question that we always seek to answer through this is “how do we know we are achieving our mission”?  This is a very important question.  To answer it, we worked to develop an assessment that will help us look closely at the “Vision Frame” and the Values that drive our Mission and Vision.  The questions we ask relate very closely to our Values and help us understand where our strengths are and where we have areas that are ripe for growth.
The Hopkins Community Church leadership invites you to take a moment to take this assessment.  You can find it on our APP or by going to https://hopkinscommunity.churchcenter.com/people/forms/328387

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