Day 15: Genesis 46-47; Home coming… or going?

So Joseph is alive, Israel is happy once again, and God has once again been faithful to His covenant promise by providing for Israel and his family during the time of intense drought.  What a beautiful picture of this family reunion that takes place too.  Israel coming down from the land of Canaan sees for the first time in what has probably been over twenty years, his beloved son.  Its like the scene from a movie:  Joseph jumps out of his chariot, running at full speed towards his old father, tears streaming down his face.  They embrace and cry on each other’s shoulder, weeping for joy!  The family is once again whole.  Glory be to God!!

The writer here, presumably Moses, makes a point here that will be important in our reading in a couple of days.  Did you notice it?  Another genealogy.  For the longest time I had always skipped over those.  To me they were just long lists of names I couldn’t pronounce that contained people that weren’t important to the whole story.  While the first two things there are true (they are long lists of names that I still can’t pronounce), these people are important to the story.  As the “nation” of Israel (aka. Jacob’s family) goes down to Egypt, they are but 70 people in all.  Yet there are important things about those 70 people.  Jacob’s son Levi has a child from a Canaanite woman, who is included in here.  Joseph’s children, born of an Egyptian woman, the daughter of a heathen priest are included in here.  These children are members of the covenant and are found to be under the promise of God despite their rather shady heritage.

Later on in Israel’s history, God’s people wouldn’t be caught dead with a foreigner, with a gentile as they called them.  However, they forget that many of them have gentile blood (at least a bit of it) running through their veins.  God wasn’t about excluding, but about including.  Already there are several nations represented within the “people of God” and God knew this.  He didn’t put them out of the promise because of their lineage, but rather made them part of His chosen people.  Again, this is not because of anything they had done, but because of God’s love and grace.  Maybe this is a lesson for us as well?  Too often we tend to make judgment calls about who is in and who is out… I think we might be surprised.  God is not about keeping people out.  God is about bringing people in that ALL the nations of the earth will be blessed!

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