Day 115: 1 Chronicles 3-5; The Family Tree

Have you ever spent time going through your family tree?  Have you ever gone deeper than just your grandparents?  I think it is always interesting to hear about the ancestors and all the people that came before me.  We often ask questions about how people survived in those days without the technology that we have and marvel in amazement at people’s ingenuity when it comes to working in a world without phones, computers, cars, tractors… etc. etc.

Yet I wonder, if you’ve ever looking back in your family tree and marveled at God’s faithfulness and his providence in all of that.  We read in Scripture that God knew us before He even formed the world and that He called us before the foundations of the earth were laid.  Before there was even matter, God knew who we were and He has worked throughout the  millenniums to bring our existence about.  Not only has He been working for us, but He has also been working through each and every person that has come before us!

For some people, this seems, perhaps, somewhat boring.  Your family has always been a family of believers who hasn’t really encountered anything too crazy you think.  I urge you to look into your history… go back a few generations.  Did someone in your family fight the plague?  Did anyone fight in any of the major wars of the past 500 years?  Was anyone involved in some religious change during the reformation?  If you answered yes to even one of those three questions (and there are thousands upon thousands of things that threaten a person’s existence in their lifetime) then you can see how God has worked to bring you into being!

What about those of you who aren’t believers but have come to know God through some means?  Your family has been around for generations and generations and now, for some reason, for such a time as this, God has called YOU to Himself.  You may be trying to convince your parents, your siblings, your aunts and uncles, yet for some reason at this time, God has brought you to Himself, and has done so by acting throughout history to bring you to this point.  Amazing!

This is what the first section of 1 Chronicles is alluding to.  It may be awful reading these genealogies, but what the writer is trying to point to is the work of God throughout history.  God has been at work in the world, throughout all generations, from age to age, God reigns… God rules… and God works.

The following is an excerpt from the book: Biblical Hebrew, An Oral Approach by Professor Travis West.

“There is a blessing in the Hebrew tradition for almost everything.  There is one blessing, that dates back roughly 2,000 years.  It is recited at the beginning of special occasions, of every major Jewish Holiday (Passover, Shavuot, Yom Kippur, Sukkot, Simchat, Torah, Hannukah, etc.).  It is also used to celebrate new or unusual occasions, such as seeing a friend whom you haven’t seen in a long time.  The blessings speaks of God’s soveriegn care over each and every life.  It affirms even as it summarizes the fundamental claims of Scripture regarding God’s relationship to the earth and its inhabitants.  Namely, that it is God who not only created all life, but also sustains all life, and ‘directs all our steps.’  (Proverbs 16:9)”

Blessed are you O Lord our God, King of the Universe
Who gives us life, sustains us, and has brought us to (caused us to touch) this moment.

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