Advent: Awaiting the Already

Every year, starting on December 1, Christians around the world begin to celebrate the season of Advent.  For those who follow the church year calendar, this is the beginning of the new year, taking ourselves back to the very beginning of the story of Salvation, and remembering again the strong work that God has done for us in Jesus Christ.
Waiting and expectation

Waiting and expectation for our coming Savior

The Christian calendar begins with a season of waiting and expectation.  We are reminded of all that happened in the beginning from creation, paradise, and perfect relationship to the shattering fall into sin and death that humanity is now subjected to.  At that moment, however, Adam and Eve are not left in darkness.  In the midst of the curse of sin, God speaks a promise: this is not the end.

So the great story of the Bible begins.  It is a story of revelation, covenant, and faithfulness that ultimately leads us to a small, overcrowded town.  A baby is born in an animal pen to a young woman.  His birth signals the beginning of the fulfillment of thousands of years of waiting and expectation.  This baby boy, whose origins are from ancient times as Scripture says, will undo the curse of sin and reunite God with His people.
Most of us know the story of Christmas.  Mary and Joseph, shepherds and wise men, angels singing, animals, and a manger.  There doesn’t seem to be much that is new here.  Yet each year we prepare, waiting as if it were happening again.  Why?
Advent literally means arrival or the process of arriving.  The season itself is a time of waiting and expectation, preparation with eager anticipation for the arrival of Jesus.  So how do we do this for something that is in the past?  By participating as if we are a part of the story. 
Because we are.
Christmas, Christ’s incarnation, His coming into this world, is not just a story. And it isn’t a story just about Him.  The story of Christ’s birth is a revelation of God’s love for us and God’s redemptive work in the world.  And it’s a story that God invites us into as well.  As Advent begins tomorrow, will you join us on a journey of waiting and expectation?  Each day we will prepare our hearts for the coming of Jesus with a short passage and reflection.  I invite your comments as you reflect on what we read together!

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