Acts 8 – Scattered

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Throughout history, the persecution of the church has almost always led to the expansion of the Gospel.  There are a lot of potential reasons why this is, one of which has to do with the physical scattering of believers to other areas.  Until this point, the Apostles and those who became believers were operating in Jerusalem and likely its surrounding towns.  But when persecution broke out, we read that people were scattered throughout Judea and Samaria.  This is the second move outward that Jesus spoke of before he ascended into heaven.

The reality of the identity of the people of God, though, is one of being a “sent people.”  Israel was always meant to be a light to the nations.  Jesus told His disciples that they are the salt of the earth.  Throughout His ministry even, Jesus would send out His followers ahead of Him, all the time declaring the “good news of the Kingdom of Heaven.”

So it isn’t much of a surprise that, when the people of God move outward, whether by choice or by force, that the Gospel of God spreads and lives are changed.

Sometimes believers actually need that push to move outside the places of comfort in their lives.  One of the problems plaguing the Church in North America is the lack of outward movement.  Churches invest vast sums of money into buildings for “ministry” purposes that really are simply creature comforts.  When we do find ourselves pushed out of our norms, we will often be found complaining about the lack of comfort, not spreading the Gospel to everyone we see.

In reality, we face little, if any persecution in the United States, something we are thankful for and celebrate, but ironically enough may also be the reason we find ourselves so complacent.

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  1. staci says:

    truth. so many suffered so greatly for the Gospel and we really want no part of it. praying through those fears!

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