Advent Day 1: Another Beginning


Another Beginning

In the beginning was the Word


The echoes of Genesis 1 and 2 reverberate throughout the beginning of the Gospel of John.  As he begins to write his account of the life and work of Jesus Christ, the very first point that is made is that there is something bigger going on here.  John isn’t simply writing a biography about some famous person.  He isn’t just recording historical events or even a new beginning.  The Apostle is not defining another beginning, as if prior events don’t matter.  Indeed, John picks up a story already being told, adding his words, thoughts, and observations to God’s story which is thousands of years in the making.
 John’s account of the beginning of Jesus’ life is quite different from the other Gospels.  Matthew and Luke record the dramatic story of newlyweds in an overcrowded town and seemingly inconvenient timing of a birth.  Mark jumps right into the ministry of a notably influential rabbi throughout the nation of Israel.  However, John makes sure, from the very beginning, that his readers know the scope and subject of his writing is none other than God Himself.
From the very beginning, John reveals the purpose of God as well.  The divine Word was in existence alongside God since before the beginning began.  This Word is responsible for the creation of all things.  He is the source of all life.  Though darkness may be part of the reality that we know, the Word is light and pierces that darkness with an unquenchable brightness.
Advent is a season of waiting, preparation, and expectation.  In this, we find ourselves looking forward to the arrival of Jesus on this earth once again.  John’s Gospel reminds us, however, that there is much more to this story.  We are not simply speaking of the birth of a great leader.  He is not just an influential teacher or a moral example.  Jesus is the God of the universe, eternal and all-powerful, coming to earth.  The trajectory of His earthly life has been set in motion since the moment sin entered the world.  And John reminds us, in no uncertain terms, what the point of Jesus’ life, and his writing is at the end of his Gospel.
John 20:31 – “But these are written that you may believe that Jesus is the Messiah, the Son of God, and that by believing you may have life in his name.”


Eternal God,
who has created all things and given them life through your Word,
and who stepped out of eternity, wrapping flesh around yourself for our sake,
grant that we may keep the narrative of your coming in perspective
that this Advent season for us a time of new beginning and awareness of your love and work.
In our reflections this season, may our hearts and lives be filled with joy,
that your light would shine out through us into the darkness of this world
so that all would know the love of your Son Jesus, the Word made flesh,
in whose name we pray, Amen.

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