Day 1: Genesis 1-3; In the beginning…

So begins our year’s journey through Scripture, and it is fitting to begin and the beginning.

Before there was anything, there was nothing.  It seems like an obvious statement, yet is it something that is hard for our minds to even grasp.  Nothing… the total absence of everything.  For me, nothing is often what I think of when I’m at home with the lights off, the TV off, and no music playing.  Even that is a far cry from the “formless” empty “void” that was before anything.  Total darkness, no air, no gravity, I’d like to say it was cold, but really it was neither cold nor hot, it was nothing.

Except for God.  God was there.  God was always there.  In the chaos that was the nothingness of pre-creation, God existed.  Not only does God exist, He reigns over everything.

It is into this Chaos, darkness, nothingness that God speaks, and we see the true power of God’s word.  With a word, a phrase, God changes everything.  By the mere utterance of God’s voice does light appear with no apparent physical source.  What is more incredible, I think, is that the light doesn’t flash on and then off again, but that the light is sustained and has continued ever since.  This, I think, is one of the true wonders of creation.  Not only did God create everything, God is in the continuous act of creation every second of everyday since then sustaining and upholding all of the created order… even after the Fall!  Humanity falls into evil and all of creation is cursed because of it.  God could have simply wiped it out and started over, yet for whatever reason, God decides to sustain and upholds creation, and has been doing so ever since.  And we see that even in God’s punishment there is a plan, a promise that things would be made right again through the offspring of the woman.  God says, “I will put enmity between [the serpent] and the woman, between your offspring and hers; he will crush your head, and you will strike his heal.”

This is the first record of the promise of a coming savior, whose birth we celebrated one week ago!  Even then, some 4,000+ years ago, God has a plan for our salvation and the restoration of His creation.

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