State of the church (Part 1 of 6): HCC Overview and 2020 Updates

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State of the church (Part 1 of 6): HCC Overview and 2020 Updates


Good Morning Hopkins Community Church,

As I sit and reflect on 2020 so far, how unpredictable it has been and how God has guided us, as a church, in ministry through this time, I am immensely grateful.  God has shown His faithfulness to us through difficult times and has showered us with blessings and opportunities we might not have thought possible just 6 months ago.
It is hard to believe that we have not been in the church building as a gathered body in 19 weeks.  It is even harder to believe that our “exile” from our normal worship space will continue until at least the 26-week mark.
One thing that I have come to realize over this time is how dependent we as a church are on these gatherings for communication.  We would typically place information in mailboxes or in bulletins.  Given the number of transitions that have taken place over the last 4 months, and with the hopeful transition back into a more “normal” pattern of ministry life here at HCC, the Consistory and I feel the need to do some specific communicating with the church to bring everyone up to speed on where are as a community of faith.

Video Update

We are going to do this via recorded videos each week for the next six weeks.  This is happening over the source of several weeks due to the large nature of content that we have to cover.  One long video would be difficult to watch and digest all at the same time.
We welcome comments and feedback on these posts as well as questions that need clarifying.
I also want to encourage you to help us in this communication.  If you know of people in our church family who are not on Facebook or don’t receive emails, please consider showing them this video so that they may be brought up to date as well.


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