Matthew 21:23-32 “The Right Way?”

This morning we come to worship God through Jesus Christ, His Son, the embodiment of Truth.  God’s Truth, Love, Grace, and all of the characteristics of God are communicated in His Word to us.  From that we are able to learn both who we are in Christ and how God calls us to respond and live into that identity.

Sometimes, however, we like to pick and chose which truths we think are the right way to live while ignoring others that seem to be more culturally acceptable.  We claim to have Christ in us, claim Him as our Savior, even claim to follow Him, but then choose not to when it’s too difficult or inconvenient.  Sadly, in that same thought, we also readily question and point fingers at those who are “off the path” in a more visible or, perhaps, culturally unacceptable way forgetting that we too are God’s people, fully dependent on His grace alone.

Questions to take home:

  1. Are there some Truths that Scripture teaches that you tend to look at more than others?  How about us as a church?  Is there a way that we could be better about not cherry picking the truths and sins for our own convenience?
  2. Jesus poses an interesting question about which kid actually did what the father wanted.  Is it better to say yes and then not do something, or say no and then change your mind?  Why do you think so?
  3. What if we cast this question in the form of “religion” vs. “relationship”?  Who is doing what the Bible wants, the one who says yes to relationship with Christ but then follows religion, or the one who says no to religion but then finds a relationship with Christ?

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