Matthew 18:21-35; Luke 7:36-50 "Debt Forgiveness"

The Kingdom of God/Heaven is one of the central parts of Jesus’ teaching during His earthly ministry. Over the next several weeks we will be looking at what Jesus meant and what the Bible refers to when the “Kingdom” is mentioned. We will also look at how this teaching impacts and transforms our lives through the message of the Gospel.

Forgiveness is the central pillar of the Kingdom of Heaven. Embodied in the life and work of Jesus Christ, our Scripture today reveals Scripture in terms of a massive, unpayable debt that is wiped away. Rather that treating us the way we deserve according to the Law, God shows us His great Love and Grace, forgiving our sins and setting us free from their burden when we place our faith in Jesus Christ.

Questions to take home:

Read Ephesians 2:8-9. How do you define “Grace” and “Faith?” What does this passage mean to you? How does it impact your daily life?

Jesus’ teaching on God’s forgiveness involves action on our part as well. How does this impact how you view the subject of forgiveness? Why is forgiveness so hard for us?

What changes need to take place in your life when it comes to forgiveness? Are you quick to forgive, or better at holding a grudge? Is there someone in your life you’ve not forgiven that needs to be? Pray that the Holy Spirit would soften your heart and help you to see that person as God sees them, no matter what you may have against them.

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