Matthew 13:31-34 "The Little Things"

There is no shortage of needs in the world today. Whether it is hurricane relief, earthquake recovery, the battle against hunger or poverty, or perhaps even standing against injustice, there is always something more we could be doing. Far too often, however, these momentous tasks are way too large for us to handle, and it frequently leads to inaction.

This week Jesus describes the Kingdom of Heaven in terms of things that are start off very little but have a profound amount of growth and impact in the environment around them. He doesn’t tell us that we have to be the most wealthy, popular, influential, or powerful. Instead, Jesus simply points to the faithful and trusting actions of God-fearing individuals that have far-reaching effects in the world.

Questions to take home:

Have you ever experienced a moment in your life where you knew you could help someone with something? What did you do? What caused you to do (or not do) what you should have done?

What is it that usually stops us from taking action when the Holy Spirit prompts us? Can you think of any Scripture passages that would help to encourage us when those times comes? Write them down on a card and keep that card with you this week.

Sometimes the “big things” scare us into inaction. What is one “little thing” that you could do this week that could sprout into something much greater? Will you do it?

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