Mark 15 – We Want Barabbas!

Read Mark 15

The people of God have a long history of wanting what they shouldn’t want, and denying the thing they need most.  From the very moment that they  were released from captivity in Egypt, the people of Israel immediately begin complaining and wondering whether or not they should just go back.  Every time they met an obstacle, whenever things got rough, no matter how faithful God had been to them, they always talk about going back to Egypt.

Even after they settle into the promised land, when they have received the inheritance God gave them, still they wondered at going back to Egypt.  Sure, life was difficult, the work was hard, but it certainly was familiar.

As the religious leaders of Jesus’ day make plans to capture and kill Him, they do so because Jesus is threatening the very same thing: freedom.  Jesus continues to teach about the Kingdom of Heaven and speak negatively about the religious elite.  They have recognized Jesus as a threat to their power and control; they want none of it.

I wonder at some of the similarities that are taking place in our cultural context today.  Looking at the landscape of the church and culture, over the last 100 years, a slow turn as been taking place, leaving the church and the transformative power of the Gospel on the side of condemnation and the greater culture, including many church-going Christians, turning to away from Jesus and the Gospel as the source of freedom and salvation, and to many other things and people that the world has to offer.  Whether it is a politician running for president, high educational achievement, or success, each of these, when compared to the transforming power of the Gospel is the proverbial “Barabbas” that America seems to be collectively calling for.

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