Ephesians 6:10-16; Romans 8:1-14 "The Helmet of Salvation"

We often talk about salvation as a commodity, a gift that we will receive upon our death. Biblically, however, God’s salvation, while carrying that theme, is seen as a lived reality that we experience daily when we put our faith in Christ. This echos the truth that we do not fight for victory, but rather we fight from victory.

Far too often, however, we find ourselves in bondage, trapped in cycles of thinking that keep us immobilized rather than walking in victory. Today we are reminded that salvation is ours in Jesus Christ as we witness the sacrament of Baptism and remember the promises that are for Raven Hope Pavlak and for us as well. We remember that God has given us the “Helmet of Salvation” for both protection from attack and freedom to live in Christ.

Questions to take home:
What changes does your mind need to make in order to walk confidently in the knowledge of past, present, and future salvation? What game plan do you need to put into practice in order to fill your mind with Truth and Hope?
Can you identify any patterns that undermine your faith and confidence in God’s ability to deliver? What verses can you use to counter them?
Think of what you consider to be your biggest failure or mistake in life. How does the helmet of salvation protect you from ongoing guilt, regret, or fear about “the next time?”

Audio Credit: Pricilla Shirer, “The Armor of God” DVD Bible Study video series. Copyright 2015, Lifeway Press

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