Advent Day 23: Timing and Purpose



Paul does a lot of work throughout his writings in the New Testament to interpret and apply the life and teachings of Jesus.  In doing so, he lays out for us exactly what the impact that Jesus’ life has on the world and, particularly, in the life of believers.  Here, we read some of his interpretation and application of what we celebrate as Christmas.
As we have seen over the past couple of weeks, the timing, arrival, and events of the birth of Jesus were perfectly orchestrated by God to fulfill all of the prophecies in scripture about Jesus.  God did not leave out a single detail.  Mathematically speaking, the odds of Jesus fulfilling all of the prophecies about him are astronomical.  Some people have placed this statistical probability at greater than 1 chance in 10 to the 157th power.  That is a 1 with 157 zeros behind it!
To put this in perspective, the chances of winning the lottery are roughly 1 chance in 302,600,000.  Additionally, the chance of getting struck by lightning twice in a lifetime is only 1 in 9,000,000.  So, for one man to fulfill all of the prophecies of Scripture about the Messiah, the chances are inconceivable and practically impossible.  Yet, for God, nothing is impossible; He makes the impossible possible.
Along with this, Paul also points out that Jesus’ birth happened at just the right time.  God had been working toward this for a long time, over 2,000 years in fact.  All that time was spent working out the events of history and the necessary details for Christ’s arrival.  Though it seems like a long time for us, with God a 1,000 years is like a single day.
While it is amazing to see God’s work over a long period of time in Scripture, we don’t always enjoy the waiting and patience that are often required in our own lives for God to work.  Once again, though, we see very clearly the faithfulness of God.  His promises are true and certain.  For us, what we see in God’s past work gives us assurance and hope for the ultimate accomplishment of His work in us and in the world.
Jesus’ birth, life, death, and resurrection are all living proof of this.


Everlasting God,
In You, all things life and move and have their being.
The whole universe exists by You, for You, and to You.
We thank you for creating us, for providing for us, and for being faithful to us.
You have shown us the fullness of Your love in sending Jesus to this world.
Through Him, You adopt us as Your own children and give Your Spirit to us.
Help us to be constantly and consistently aware of Your work,
and of Your loving and guiding presence in our lives.
May our lives reflect Your love for us and the Good News of salvation through Your Son, Jesus Christ.

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