Take Christ Out of Christmas!


Read John 17


I have heard, particularly in the circles that I find myself in, a phrase that is consistently spoken during the holiday season: “Don’t take Christ out of Christmas!”  Largely this has been a response to what is seen as a movement toward ‘politically correct’ speech that acknowledges that there are other holidays, even holy days, that people celebrate.  There are a number of celebrations that take place across different religions, ethnicities, and cultures.  No attempt will be made to list them all for fear of missing one.  Each, however, is important to the people group that celebrates it.
The fight to not remove Christ from Christmas is important, to an extent.  Certainly, Christ-followers believe that the Incarnation is more than just a special birth.  We believe that the coming of Jesus heralds God’s great work of making salvation possible for us.  Jesus, Himself, says that He is the only way to the Father.  Christians should, by that standard, uphold the importance of this event we celebrate on December 25.
That said, I also think that we should take Christ out of Christmas.  I do not mean we should celebrate a holiday only called “mas”, which is arguably more appropriate a name for a holiday fraught with materialism and consumerism.  What I am advocating for in, in fact, Christians making a concerted effort to have Christ in their everyday lives.  We should be fighting just as hard for Christ at Christmas as we should for Christ on December 26 or May 8.  Our Savior deserves the primary place in our everyday lives.


So how do we do this?  I’m sure there are many ways that we could make this a reality for our lives.  One way I suggest, for this upcoming year, is committing to a Bible reading plan.  God’s Word for us is His revelation of Himself to humanity.  So, for us to keep (or place) God at the center of our lives, we need to be in His Word.
The following link is to a year-long reading place.  It follows the story of Scripture in a Chronological way.
This link is an invitation.  It is a space to read together through this journey and to talk about what we are hearing.  There is no pressure to make it through in the designated time, no shame for missing a day.  This is simply an opportunity to read together, to talk together, and to take Christ out of Christmas and keep Him with us each and every day.
Will you join me?

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