Matthew 24 – Signs of the Times

Read Matthew 24

Did you know that humanity has survived at least 154 past “end of the world” dates?  Sadly, that number is actually much greater, and there are at least 13 (most likely more) predicted armageddon dates in humanity’s future.  It seems that humanity is obsessed with our own extinction.  Unfortunately, a large amount of this obsession has been fueled by the Christian community and emphasized by Christian fundamentalism.  A large number of Christian leaders seem to have missed this section of Scripture and have instead placed their focus on figuring out the very thing Jesus says only God knows.

Jesus talks about earthquakes and famines, wars and rumors of such, all of which are signs that the end is coming.  Let’s be honest: this is true of every single year since Jesus was on earth.  Lately, it seems, people have been pointing to cultural and moral decline as a sign that this end is getting even closer, which could arguably be said about every day and year since Jesus was on earth too.

The point that Jesus is trying to make here is not actually to instill a longing for the end, for us to “get out of here” and for heaven to come, but to remind us of the readiness we should live with as those who believe.  More than this, though, I think what we should read out of this is a sense of urgency that comes with knowing that the “end is near.”  There are many out there that do not know the love of God that is in Christ Jesus; the end for them would truly be the end.

Those that say they know, Jesus says, are the ones we shouldn’t listen to.  Instead, our focus should be where it always should have been: proclaiming the Gospel!