Mark 11 – Moving Mountains

Read Mark 11

Jesus speaks very pointedly about faith in this passage.  There is true power in faith to change things; no doubt is left here that faith is incredibly important.  However, this passage has been used many times in ways that have been painful and damaging for our brothers and sisters in Christ and it is important that we take this passage in context with the rest of Scripture as well.

I’ve heard Christians say that, when a person’s relative failed to get better, or when treatment for a disease didn’t work, that it was “obviously because someone didn’t believe enough.”  What an awful thing to say to someone!  We leave them questioning both Go and their faith.

So what does Jesus mean here?  Could we actually move a mountain if we had pure faith and no doubt?  Probably!  Jesus did say that.  However, I wonder if that is really the point here.

The purpose of faith is not so that we can gain power to do mighty things like  throwing mountains around, the deepening of our faith aligns our hearts with the heart of God.  As we grow deeper in relationship with Him, our hearts begin to reflect the heart of God, our desires begin to reflect the desires of God.  What we begin to see and experience, then, is God’s love for all people, His desire to show His grace, redemption, and reconciliation to the whole world.

Sure, mighty acts like throwing mountains around will get people’s attention, but what about the humble acts of feeding the hungry, caring for the sick?  God has a special place in His heart for the marginalized, and as our faith deepens, our hearts will begin to reflect God’s heart for them as well, and moving mountains won’t really seem that important.