Day 87: 2 Samuel 1-3; Israel in Transition

Today we are in transition.  If 1 Samuel could be called something else, it would likely be labeled “The Book of King Saul.”  That would mean that if we could label 2 Samuel something different, it would would be labeled “The Book of King David.”  We read about Saul’s death, and that of his sons at their own hands, despite the questionably different report from the unfortunate Amalekite who David puts to death for killing the king.  I am not really sure why that man would have given a false report.  Perhaps it was to win favor with the man who would be the King of Israel.  Perhaps he was trying to show that he helped Saul die honorably.  In any case, his report doesn’t sit well with David, who has spared Saul’s life twice, and David has him put to death.

It is interesting to see David’s reaction to Saul’s death.  There is a whole song recorded for us here which David sings to mourn Saul and Jonathan.  I am struck by the depth of the words and the passion that he feels for the death of his king, even after being pursued by Saul all the time that he had been.  He mourns deeply for his enemy and all his men see this and do the same.  After this he also blesses those who went and buried Saul and his sons’ bodied, honoring them with a proper burial rather than let them be left on display by the Philistines.  What an amazing display of love, honor, and respect that David has for “God’s anointed one.”  I can’t say that I would have been that full of grief if a man who had spent the last several years driving me from my home and keeping me on the run, trying his utmost to kill me had died… no matter what his rank or position.  Yet David understands that God appointed him to the throne and respects that despite his hardships.  He continues to trust in the Lord and in God’s perfect timing.

What comes next in today’s narratives is not something that I was ever taught in Sunday School.  To be honest, I didn’t know that there was a long time of transition and civil war in Israel after Saul’s death.  Needless to say, I was intrigued by all that happened here and I am still processing quite  a bit of it.  I wonder… what was your reaction to this civil war?  Did you know about it?  Were you familiar with Abner or Ish-bosheth?  What do you see in these narratives?  Where do you see God in them?  I would love your comments and feedback as I have very little to offer at the moment!


As I think about this more, later in the morning, I’ve been considering the fact that even in this story we see God’s faithfulness to the people of Israel, His covenant people.  If I were to ask myself where I see God in this story, I would see him providing for, strengthening, and being faithful to both His promise to the people of Israel and to Daivd, God’s anointed one.