John 2 – Wine and Dine

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The story of Jesus turning water into wine is a favorite among pastors wanting to show that Jesus approves of weddings and marriages.  Some have also used it to point out the fact that Jesus approves of alcohol consumption because of what He did at this wedding.  Sadly, both of these attempts at proof-texting completely miss the point of the passage here.

Jesus’ miracle at this wedding in Cana is the first documented miracle that He performs in His public ministry.  The miracle itself is rather spectacular and compassionate, saving a poor young couple from the embarrassment of ruining their own wedding celebration by not purchasing enough alcohol.  But, as is true in the Gospel of John, there is a great deal of symbolism that is found deep in this narrative.

When the dreadful lack of wine is discovered, Jesus tells Mary that His “hour has not yet come.”  The implication is that Jesus knows who He is and what He has come for.  Interestingly, even though it was not His hour, she still believes and He still performs this miracle.

These nearby stone jars are something that every Jew would recognize; a symbol of Jewish ritualism and the Law.  The fact that they were not full is interesting in itself, and what happens to the water once they are full is even more miraculous!  He takes the empty jars of Jewish ritualism and overflows them with the abundance that is the Kingdom of Heaven.

This is one of many revelations about the Kingdom of Heaven.  In God’s economy, there is always abundance.  More than this, though, is that the best things are yet to come, and will be realized when this Kingdom comes in its fullness when Jesus returns and we celebrate together at God’s banquet table.