Sunday, April 26 Worship Service Information

Join us for Drive-in Church at 10 AM tomorrow! Pastor Jim will be preaching about “How to pray in times of crisis”
You can join us in person (in your car) at HCC, tuning your radio to 97.3 FM.
You can join us live on Youtube here:
This will be the new home for live streaming HCC worship services and events.  Please subscribe to the channel!
We are currently testing some new software, trying to improve your experience and our abilities.  There may be an increased delay (up to approx. 30 seconds) between the video online and the audio in your vehicle.  If you are watching from your vehicle, we recommend muting the audio on your mobile device and listening to the radio.
You can also join us live on Facebook here:
You will find a printable worship sheet as well using the following link. Please remember that we cannot provide them at the time of the service.
Please remember to remain in your vehicles for the service as we continue to comply with the current standards of the Federal Government’s social distancing guidelines.
In the event of rain, we will move forward as planned. Unfortunately, Pastor Jon will just have to preach from under the canopy instead of raised up.
There will be a place to drop off donations as Tithes/Offerings as well as your offer on the way in and on the way out. Feel free to ask any of the parking crew if you have any questions as to where you can bring these things. The Donation information for this Sunday can be found in a post by Terri Maule, copied below:
Every week so far we have been having an in-gathering for the Hopkins food pantry.  This week we will be gathering items for the Kent Country Homeless shelter.  Terri Maule is working with the shelter and with clients that have tested negative for Covid-19.  If you could help us by bringing items in bags that are labeled so that we can more easily sort and transport donations, that would be great!  The following is the facebook post from Terri with a request list:
I am working (along with many Kent County Health Department staff) at a homeless shelter for Covid-19 people who aren’t sick enough for the hospital but cannot go back into the normal shelter because they are positive. The health department along with many others have done a great job of supporting these people through their recovery time. Due to a large amount of testing in this population this week we are expecting to be completely full in the next few days. We have had wonderful donations from our community partners to provide drinks, snacks, comfy clothes, etc. but I wondered if any of my fb friends would like a chance to help out as we anticipate a few weeks of being very busy (and going through a lot of supplies). I am going to list below some of the things that we go through the quickest or that we have a hard time getting. Think about all of these (mostly guys) people who are working through fevers, withdrawals, chronic health aches and pains and having comfort foods and comfort items just makes them so much more likely to stay happily with us. When they stay with us until they are considered not contagious anymore this is good for everyone. I work about every other day for the next 2 weeks so I would be happy to take gently used clothing donations or unopened, individual snacks in when I work.
  • Men’s L, XL, XXL or larger sweatshirts (the guys are so cold while the staff is sweating in all their gear)
  • Men’s XL or larger long sleeve or short sleeve t-shirts
  • Comfy pants like sweats or PJ bottoms or even long underwear
  • Men’s M or L underwear (maybe you happen to have an unopened package that was the wrong size or something)
  • Men’s gently used tennis shoes in sizes 9-12 (many of the guys are wearing worn out shoes)
  • Twin size comforters or warm blankets
  • microwave popcorn or other microwavable snacks (they love warm food)
  • clementines or bananas (not everyone has equal amounts of teeth for eating hard fruits)
  • candy (chocolate especially as they love sweets)
  • pop tarts
  • hot chocolate packets
  • cans of coke or pepsi (we go through coke like nobody’s business when we have it)
  • bottles of gatorade
  • other snack things you can think of (we don’t need chips or crackers as we have lots of those). We do have some ability to refrigerate a small amount of things.

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