Romans 7:7-25 “The Battle Within”

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In battle, the ability to draw the enemy out into the open in order to defeat it gives an incredible advantage and ensures a certain victory.  The enemy has nowhere to run, nowhere to hide and the full force of its strength is known. This sort on encirclement means unmitigated defeat for the enemy, be it through direct attack or through surrender by way of isolation and attrition.

Paul, in his exposition of God’s Law, has revealed the fullness of sin’s presence in the hearts and lives of all humanity.  The Law has, in effect, put sin on full display so that all can see its full strength and depravity. At the same time, Scripture is also showing us the answer to this problem as well: Jesus Christ, God’s Son, our Messiah.  And with the full force of sin exposed, the full power of both God’s wrath and God’s grace are seen clearly in sin’s defeat on the cross!

Questions to take home:

  1. Think back to the story of Adam & Eve and that of Israel, from Egypt to Sinai to the Promised Land.  What similarities can you identify? Where does God’s command (Law) come into play and what is its effect?  How do these narratives reflect your own life’s story?
  2. Think about the statement: “The problem here is not the Law, but rather sin’s presence within us.”  How does this statement change the way you think about the Law? How does it change the way you think about sin?  Where does Jesus come into this picture?
  3. Paul’s explanation of the Law shows both the depth of our sinful state and the magnitude of the salvation that we offered by the grace of God through Jesus Christ when we come to faith.  Take a moment to think about that. Share the thoughts and feelings that come to mind. Be sure to take time to thank God for this incredible gift!