Romans 7:1-6 “FREEDOM! For What?”

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Freedom, it is something that we as Americans celebrate as a part of our culture; it is the premise on which our country is found.  Freedom, however, does not imply lawlessness or anarchy. Christian freedom is much the same. Scripture says in 1 John 3:4 that sin and lawlessness are one and the same.  Christian freedom is not a license to sin, it is a freedom from the bondage of sin.

When a person breaks the law, they are guilty of their transgression of it.  Their punishment is both just and right. However, if a person dies, they no longer be punished.  Scripture points to the fact that, in Jesus Christ, we have died to sin and to the law because Jesus Christ both took the punishment and, Himself, died.  Therefore, we are freed from the penalty of the law, taken by Christ on the cross, and are then freed to live in grateful and joyful obedience to it.

Questions to take home:

  1. Read Psalm 19:7-14.  (For other references, see Psalm 119)  How does the Psalmist regard God’s Law?  What posture does the Psalm take with it?  How can our lives reflect this same regard and posture?  How does Psalm 1 speak to this?
  2. Read Romans 7:4-6 again.  How are we made free from the Law?  From what aspects of the Law are we freed?  What does it say we are to do with this freedom?
  3. Last week we talked about “respectable sins,” those small sins that Christians tend to deem as being acceptable.  Yet Scripture tells us that Sanctification is the process of being separated from sin. Last week we asked the Holy Spirit to convict us of sin in our lives; how have you listened and obeyed the Spirit’s promptings this week with regards to that?