Romans 6:15-23 “Sanctified”

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Education prepares you for future employment.  However, as many of us have learned, a major amount of learning and growth in required “on the job” for every job that we’ve had.  No matter what job it is, you don’t really take on the title of the job for that specific company until you’ve learned and can work in the unique dynamics that make each job unique.

Paul, having spoken of the truth of God’s justification of sinners by His grace through faith in Jesus Christ, now turns to the application of this truth.  Sanctification is living into the new identity that we have received and the freedom that is ours in Jesus Christ; it is justification applied. Justification is a declaration, Sanctification is a process.  Justification is a removal of the guilt of sin, Sanctification is a healing of the dysfunctionality of sin

Questions to take home:

  1. Paul makes a sharp comparison between obedience to sin and obedience to Christ.  How are these different? Does Paul offer any middle ground?
  2. What is the difference between obedience to Christ and Christian legalism?  Which do you think is easier? How does Scripture call us to live and how does that impact you? 
  3. How do we reconcile the fact that we are “free from sin” but we still have sin in our lives?  What changes with regards to sin in our lives when we come to Jesus? How has that changed in your life?