Romans 5:12-21 “The Significance of One”

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There are few adults in the U.S. that will ever forget the events of September 11, 2001.  Planes crashing, buildings falling; death & fear were rampant across the media for weeks. Yet, even now, the memorial of the events of that day sits in the shadow of a building far greater and more magnificent than the iconic World Trade Center towers.  Freedom Tower, as it is called, stands as a message of resilience in the face of evil.

No human on this earth will ever escape the reality of sin either.  Through the actions of Adam, we are all predisposed and naturally bent toward sin and away from God.  Yet, in the midst of the stark reality of this rebellion, God introduces His Son, Jesus the Christ, to bring about His great gift of salvation by grace.  The cross stands, overshadowing the reality of sin, and God’s grace exhibits an incomparably greater gift of life, one that completely erases sin and death.

Questions to take home:

  1. Paul states, at the beginning of this passage, that “sin entered the world through one man…”  Who is this one man? What do you know/believe about him? What does Scripture have to say about this one man?
  2. Though not the main focus of this passage, we talked about two important doctrines today: Total Depravity & Original Sin.  How would you define these two doctrines in your own words? How do they impact your understanding and experience of salvation?
  3. Paul contrasts the greatness of grace over and above the reality of sin in human life and experience.  How have you experienced God’s grace in your life? Take some time to honestly reflect on this… and then tell someone about it!