Romans 3:1-20 “God’s Faithfulness”

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With everything that we’ve talked about in Romans 1 & 2, one might come to the conclusion that we have no hope.  Left to our own abilities, that would be true. Paul says we have no advantage at all. The World is sinful. The people of God, despite having God’s revelation, are sinful as well.  We’ve all been unfaithful; no one, by themselves, can reach righteousness.

But here, at our lowest point, when all hope is lost, that Paul reminds us of the greatest truth there is: GOD IS FAITHFUL.  Despite our sin, all that is in us that separates us from God, He has always and will always keep His promises. In His great mercy, God has provided us with the Law, so that we may truly know ourselves and therefore know our true need for a Savior.

Questions to take home:

  1. Paul begins chapter 3 speaking of the advantage of the Jews.  What does He say that advantage is? What advantages do we as followers of Jesus have in today’s world?  What do you think Paul would say about them?
  2. Verse 3-8 create a false argument to justify sin.  How have you found yourself justifying sin in your life?  Have you ever knowingly done something sinful while thinking “there’s grace for that?”  In what ways does this cheapen God’s grace to you?
  3. When you hear the word “Law” used in the Bible, what do you think of?  The true point and purpose of the law is revealed here in verses 19-20.  How do Paul’s words match up with your own thoughts? How does this change or challenge your perspective?