Romans 2:1-16 “No Excuses”


Whereas sin is a rather unpopular topic both within and outside the church today, Paul spends a considerable amount of time on it at the beginning of Romans.  Chapter 1 looked specifically at the “gentiles,” or those outside of the people of God, not privy to the Law or God’s covenant with Abraham. He turns his attention however, in chapter 2, directly toward the people of God.
As God’s people, but then and now, it is very easy for us to look around and point our fingers at the sin in everyone else.  Yet what we fail to remember is that we, who so quickly pass judgment on others, are ourselves subject to God’s righteous judgment as well.  We fall into the same trap as the people of Israel, thinking that we will somehow be exempt from God’s righteous judgment, and so we pay no mind to our own sins.  Our Scripture today warns against such a stance.

Questions to take home:

  1. Have you ever found yourself judging another person?  Maybe it was the way the looked or acted; perhaps it was something they were doing.  How did judging that person make you feel? How does that feeling impact your ability to show God’s love to them?

  2. Read verses 6-11 again.  How does it make you feel that the basis of God’s judgment is the same, equal and without favoritism?  If this is true, how does the message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ give us hope?

  3. Last week in church we were asked to think of a deep, dark, secret sin that we hold in our heart.  We were challenged to bear that before God, repent of it, and give it to Him. How have you experienced new freedom in this past week?