Romans 15:1-13 “Final Thoughts”

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At the end of every paper is a conclusion, returning to the original thesis to either reaffirm or amend the author’s original thoughts and purpose for writing.  Before Paul begins his parting words, a more personal part of the letter, he too returns to his original premise for writing: that Jesus is the Son of God, confirmed in His Resurrection, and is Lord over the whole world, both of Jews and Gentiles.

From the very beginning, Paul has been adamant about this point: the Gospel is for the Gentiles as well.  Here, at the end of his letter, he also reminds us that God’s love for the Gentiles isn’t some surprising twist in Scriptural writings, but has actually been the point all along.  From the promises to Abraham to songs of the Psalms, to the messages of Isaiah, each one foretold and celebrated that God’s mercies were and are for all people who believe!

Questions to take home:

  1. Read Romans 15:1-6 again. Paul reveals the ultimate purpose of our acceptance of others, particularly those who may exercise their faith in Christ differently.  What do you think is the purpose of “bearing with” others, even in their “weaknesses”?  
  2. Read Ephesians 4:1-6.  Here Paul talks more about this notion of “bearing with” others and of unity.  How does this passage add clarity to Romans 15:1-6? Are there places in your life that you are/aren’t doing this?  How is the Spirit convicting you regarding this?
  3. Read Isaiah 2:1-5 and Romans 1:1-6.  As Paul draws together his thoughts in Romans 15, how do you see these two passages speaking into Paul’s conclusion?  As we transition into the Advent season, how do Paul’s words give you hope and peace?