Romans 12:1-8 “Living Sacrifice”

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All throughout my time in school, whether it was pre-college, under-grad, or seminary, I found myself in classes being taught things that seemed to have little to no impact on my life.  What I, at the time, thought of as the endless droning of teachers and professors appeared to (and in some cases) be worthless information that I would likely discard from my brain after the coming exam, if not before.  In my head, I was asking the question “So What?”

Romans 12 begins the section of Paul’s letter that is dedicated specifically to answering the “so what” questions.  Paul has, in a number of places, already done some application work (see Romans 5-7), but here he moves into specific examples and statements about the impact of the theology he has been teaching on the lives of Christ-followers.  For Him, all theology has practical application because being in Christ means your life is and will be changed!

Questions to take home:

  1. Why do you suppose that Paul uses the term “living sacrifice” rather than just “sacrifice”?  What do you think the difference is? How does this difference impact how you live out your faith day today?
  2. Read verses 2 -5 again.  How does the renewing of our mind help us with regard to how we think about ourselves?  How does the Holy Spirit help us in this process transforming to better recognize our place in the greater body of Christ?  How does this help us to better recognize our God-given Spiritual gifts?
  3. Are you familiar with your spiritual gifts?  Are you putting them to use on a regular basis in the church and in your life?  Two places you can check out are: and  Both can help you begin to discover your unique gift-set and how you can better put them to use in your life and building up the church!