Romans 12 “Living in the Body”

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When I was younger, it seemed like my (little) brother was always better at “everything” than I.  He was more athletic, energetic, and picked things up much more quickly than I ever could. Watching him do stuff was often frustrating to me and I would, quite frequently, find myself jealous of him.  Only later did I realize that he felt the same about me, only his envy was of my academic success and often resented living in what he felt was “my shadow.”

Eric, my brother, is a successful Youth Pastor now.  His ability to connect with middle and high school students amazes me.  When we talk ministry, neither of is jealous of the other; we both recognize our individual gifts and encourage the other to use them to their fullest.  Scripture tells us that EVERYONE who believes in Christ has graciously been given gifts from God and that these gifts are given to us so that together we can build up the body of Christ.

Questions to take home:

  1. In what ways do you see yourself “conforming” to the pattern of the world?  Are there areas in your life that need God’s “transformation” and renewing? What is one way you can take a step toward this transformation this week?
  2. Scripture encourages us to take a realistic assessment of our God-given gifts.  What do you feel are one or two major gifts that you have been given? How are you utilizing them in the body of Christ?
  3. Elders and Deacons are those called out from among the body to lovingly lead, oversee, and care for the community of faith.  Will you commit to praying for the leadership of the church this year as we seek to follow Christ and be on mission together with Him?