Romans 11:25-36 “Mystery Solved?”

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Many people love a good mystery, one where the answer is right in front of you the whole time but you don’t necessarily see it until the end.  This is kind of what I think of every time I read the word “mystery” in Scripture. Paul has been working out the question of what happens to ethnic Israel now that Jesus has come; how do the promises of God get applied to them?

As we have talked about at length over the past several months, God’s answer to His promises (and therefore the answer to Paul’s question in chapters 9-11) is Jesus.  There is no other name under heaven by which we can be saved. He is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. No one comes to God except through Him. And, interestingly, this has been the case all along.  It was and is the Messiah of God, the one promised all those years before, and the grace of God received by faith that God’s people are called to, which ultimately made them the truest sense of who they are.

Questions to take home:

  1. What ‘mystery’ is Paul referring to in verse 25?  Who do you think Paul’s statement of ‘all Israel will be saved’ refers to (see 9:6 and 4:16 for some insight)?  How do these two things fit together and why does it matter for us?
  2. How does verse 32 act as a summary statement for all of Romans 1-11?  When you think about others in your life, whether Christian or not, how does this verse measure the status of these people?  How does it change the way you think about them?
  3. We’ve covered a lot of theological ground in the last 5 months.  Paul pauses here before he moves on to some practical application to praise God for His infinite wisdom. Take some time, wherever you are, to pray and praise God for His wonderful gift of salvation by grace through faith in Jesus Christ!