Revelation 3:7-13 “Open Door”

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Every now and then I get some sort of weird motivation to clean literally everything I see.  You’d probably never guess it if you saw my office desk during the week. When that feeling hits, though, there is practically nothing that can stop me and anything (or anyone) that tries is met with staunch resistance.

Jesus’ words to the church in Philadelphia reflect the perseverance that the church had shown.  Through trials and persecution, they held fast to their faith and now opportunities were before them to advance the Kingdom and spread the Gospel.  Unlike my cleaning rampage, though, this door was not open because of their hard work or strength of character, but rather because of the Holy Spirit’s work in and through the church and their obedience to the Gospel.

Questions to take home:

  1. Of all the letters at the beginning of Revelation, this one might be voted “most likely to be written to Hopkins.”  How has this church experiences past issues that have shaped who we are now? Do you feel we have done a good job “patiently enduring?”  How and why?
  2. Jesus says in verse 10, “I will keep you from the hour of trial…”  This phrase can also be translated “I will keep you through the hour of trial…”  What do you think the difference is between these two statements?  Both are true; how does this truth impact your life?
  3. Jesus is the one who holds the keys to the Kingdom of God, opening doors that no one can shut.  Where has He opened doors in your life to spread the Gospel? What do you think He is opening doors in Hopkins for us to share God’s love?