Numbers 13:26-33 “Absurd Opportunities: Israel”

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Throughout our lives, we face big decisions, difficult situations, and struggles that seem overwhelming.  Sometimes these are giant things like changing jobs or moving, other times they might the immense prospect of just getting through a day, a week, or a season of life.  It can be easy for the promises of God to be clouded by doubts and fears.

The people of Israel, after experiencing God’s presence and love at Mount Sinai, come to the edge of the land promised to them by God and look at the monumental task that is before them.  They too feel uncertain, fearful of what could happen if they fail.  Only a few look at the opportunity for both trust and faithfulness as lean on God’s promises and strength.

Questions to take home:

When has there been a time in your life where you faced a seemingly monumental decision?  How did you approach that moment?  What did you decide to do?

Are there promises of God that you often find yourself turning to for strength and assurance?  What are they?  How do they impact your life from day to day?

As a church, sometimes it feels like we are like the Israelites on the edge of the promised land.  Are there things that you see in our future that you are excited for?  That concern you?  What are they?  Which promises that God has for us give us strength and assurance to trust and be faithful to His vision and calling for us as a church?