Matthew 9:35-38; Luke 8:43-48 “The ART of Noticing”

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Thoughts for Reflection (A club for your “Evangelism Golf Bag”):
“From now on, we no longer regard anyone from a worldly point of view.” 2 Corinthians 5:16 Throughout Jesus’ ministry, we see Him interacting with every person he encounters. Whether it was the “unclean” Samaritan woman, a blind man, Zacchaeus, the woman just brushes his cloak or the crowds around him. All of this begins with noticing. Jesus was aware of the people around Him; He was willing to see them.
The notion of “Evangelism” is uncomfortable for many Christians because we wrongly think of it as pounding down the doors of unknown strangers with our Bibles, trying to cram Jesus down their throats. For Jesus, however, we see that the first step for Him in building a relationship with people is simply noticing them. To see people through the eyes of Jesus, it means that we must first be willing to open our eyes, to put our tasks aside, and intentionally look at those around us.
Something to take home (Practice using the club):
Noticing is a relational act of kindness that anyone can do. It doesn’t take any courage, but it just requires that you do it. What can you do this week to be more intentionally aware of the people around you in your everyday life?
Noticing people can move us to compassion and action as people become real to us, in need of a real Savior. Pray this week that God would help you to see people the way Jesus saw the crowds. Noticing is the first step to bringing someone the good news about Jesus.
Noticing is a precursor to knowing. How will you create space in your life to intentionally notice those around you? As you start to see people, pray for them and for the work God is doing in their lives as well.