Matthew 6:19-24 “Spend Less”

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Advent is a season of anticipation and expectation, an invitation into excited preparation of the coming of Jesus.  These descriptions amount to more than simply waiting for the day to come, Advent is an invitation to an intentional posture in our lives.  When we anticipate and expect something, we purposefully prepare for the encounter that is to come.

Worshiping fully, keeping Jesus at the center of our Advent and Christmas focus then assumes that the other things with which fill our lives in this season will be secondary at least.  As we consider this, we must naturally turn our gaze toward the role our money takes and the direction it goes as we Worship Fully in this “season of giving.”  

Questions to take home:


  1. How does the story of Jesus’ coming into the world challenge our cultural practices surrounding Christmas?  What contrasts do you see in the Biblical narrative? Do you see any ways that you can be more intentional in your use of money this season?

  2. Think about Mary’s song in Luke 1:46-55 and Jesus’ reading in Luke 4:18-19.  How do these words speak into the materialism and consumerism that we fight against during the Christmas season?

  3. Have you ever taken into consideration whether the values that you (and/or your family) hold to reflect the type of spending that you do, particularly around the holiday season?  Do the companies that you purchase from hold similar values? How does Scripture challenge you in this respect during this Advent season?