Mark 10:46-52 “The ART of Listening”

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Thoughts for Reflection (A club for your “Evangelism Golf Bag”):

“From now on, we no longer regard anyone from a worldly point of view.”  2 Corinthians 5:16

We live in a world that is filled to the brim with noise and busyness, living our lives on the run from this thing to that with our raidos on or our headphones in.  We HEAR so much on a normal day, but how much we actually LISTEN is a subject for much debate.  Sadly, this norm has translated into our relationships as well.  We are a part of conversations that we are not even listening to; we are there but not present.

Scripture calls us to something deeper, though, and as always we look to Jesus as our model.  Whether it was children running to Him, a sick woman, or a blind man calling out for Him, Jesus never ignores; His attention is never divided.  He hears them and then draws them in so He can listen to them.  In giving them His time and His ear, He shows them that they are important to Him and that He loves them.  As we practice the ART of Spiritual Conversations, we are called to model the same, truly listening both to God and to those He places in our lives.

Something to take home (Practice using the club):

  1. What is the difference between listening and hearing?  What do you think causes us to practice hearing more than listening?  How can you intentionally adjust your hearing habits toward active listening?
  2. Practice listening to someone this week without offering any advice or trying to fix things.  Ask good questions and just listen.  (Suggestion: start with your spouse and/or children)
  3. Ask an unchurched friend, neighbor, or acquaintance this question: “I’ve been wondering if you’ve ever met anyone or experienced anything that made God seem real to you?”  Listen intently to their response, reflect back to them what you heard them say, and invite them to clarify anything you may have misunderstood.  Don’t interrupt or offer your own opinions – just listen well, and pray.