Luke 19:28-44; Matthew 19:16-30 “Why Give?”

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Scripture records that as He approached Jerusalem, with crowds cheering, singing, and waving their palm branches, Jesus wept over the city.  It doesn’t seem like a normal response for this particular event, but the depth of Jesus passion and desire for His people to know God’s love is both stark and profound.

Jesus is fully aware of what is about to take place in His life.  He is also completely aware of what is going on in the hearts of those people who are, at this moment, cheering for him and will be, in just a few days, calling for His death.  This, I think, is what brings about this overflow of emotions. Jesus wants our hearts, not just empty cheering on a given day. It’s easy to show up and sing the songs and say the words, but God wants more… to see our whole lives transformed and freed!

Questions to take home:

  1. Think about the two times that Scripture records Jesus weeping.  What are the commonalities between Jesus emotions surrounding Lazarus’ death and His reaction to seeing Jerusalem?
  2. Jesus has two separate interactions prior to His entrance to Jerusalem with the rich young ruler and with Zacchaeus.  Compare these two narratives and the results; what can we learn from them?
  3. Following Jesus’ triumphal entry, during what we consider to be ‘Holy Week,’ there are a number of times when Jesus interacts and teaches around the subject of money.  What are they and what do they teach us about our heart when it comes to giving?