Luke 15:1-7 “The ART of Welcoming”

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Scripture Passages:

Luke 15:1-7

Message Title:

“The ART of Welcoming”

Thoughts for Reflection (A club for your “Evangelism Golf Bag”):

“From now on, we no longer regard anyone from a worldly point of view.”  2 Corinthians 5:16

Have you ever had an experience where you felt an abundance of welcome and hospitality?  There are so many things that can help create this feeling.  Whether it is the physical space, the people that are hosting, or simply the overall feel of the event, welcoming people in any capacity takes some manner of thought, intentionality and effort.  

Our Scripture today opens with Jesus spending time with some of society’s most disliked and rejected people.  They were drawn to Jesus because of His welcoming nature, much like the father of the prodigal son (a story later in Luke 15).  We often read this story and resonate with the run-away son; afterall, we are all sinful.  Have you ever put yourself in the place of the father though?  The man lost half of his possessions to his loser son, and yet welcomes him home again with open arms and a party!  Or… are we more like the older brother?

Something to take home (Practice using the club):

  1. How was your preconceived understanding of hospitality confirmed or challenged through our Scripture and Message today?  What is God calling you to enact or adjust in your life in response to this?
  2. This week, practice welcoming at least one time in each of the three aspects of welcoming – in your face, in your space, and in your place.
  3. Do a personal assessment of the Five Barriers to Welcoming.  Pick one or two that are your weakest and begin working on removing them this week.
  4. Pray specifically that God would reveal to you a person or couple that you know don’t know the Lord and with whom you could begin to develop a stronger relationship – welcoming them into your life.