Luke 11:1-4 “Lord, Teach us to Pray!”

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A. Why We Pray
1. God’s appointed way of ________________ all we need from Him – Lk. 11:9-10
2. Prayer is the key way we relate to God:
 ACTS = Adoration / Confession / Thanksgiving / Supplication
 PUSH = Pray Until Something Happens!
 PRAY = P R A Y
3. Prayer is important for our spiritual…_

B. Jesus’ Disciples Ask Him How to Pray
1. “Lord, teach us to pray” – Luke 11:1
2. Jesus gave them what we now refer to as ‘The Lord’s Prayer’
3. Exposing our Evangelical bias – Brian Zahnd, Water to Wine

C. Application: Learning to Pray Well
1. Follow the lead of the earliest church – Acts 2:42 (ESV)
2. Learn to ‘pray through’ the Scriptures
3. Challenged by the Muslim adhan (Call to Prayer)
4. Growing in our own prayer life