John 21:1-14 “What Now? A Conversation on Vision”

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Fishing is not my favorite sport.  Sitting in a boat for hours, especially when the fish aren’t biting can be arduous and boring.  Trying different baits, moving to different spots, trolling, drifting, or staying put… so many things to try, but when the fish aren’t biting there’s pretty much nothing you can do to change it.

Jesus’ disciples experienced something like this too.  After returning to Galilee as instructed by the resurrected Jesus, they go out fishing together for a night and catch nothing.  Like the first time they met Jesus, though, He instructs them to “let down their nets” in a different way and the result of their obedience is remarkable!  And whereas their nets began to break the in the first experience, almost 3 years prior, this time the nets hold fast and the entire catch is brought in.

Questions to take home:

  1. After His resurrection, Jesus instructed His disciples to go to Galilee to meet Him.  Why do you think they decided to go fishing when they got there? What do you think they learned because of it?
  2. John recognizes Jesus first, but Peter is the one who jumps in and swims to shore, leaving the other disciples to manage the great catch of fish.  What significance do you think Peter’s actions have? How about the other disciples? What can we learn from them?
  3. In this narrative, there are many allusions to other actions and miracles that Jesus did during His earthly ministry.  Read John 21:1-14 again. Which things are familiar to you? Do you think this is intentional? If so, why?