John 20 “Paradigm Shift”

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It’s hard to imagine the thoughts and emotions that must have been going through the heads and hearts of Jesus followers between the time he died on Good Friday and Easter Morning when they first saw and heard the news that He was alive.  They went from having their whole world shattered to having to comprehend that something seemingly impossible had happened.

Easter literally changes everything.  How we view the world, how we live out our faith, how we approach death; nothing is the same.  No longer does sin mark the paradigm of our existence and death have the final say over our lives.  No longer do we need to wonder or worry about things present of things future, because we have a marked assurance that God has laid all things at Jesus’ feet and every one of God’s promises find their “Yes” in Him.

Questions to take home:

  1. John presents the image of Jesus walking in the garden, speaking to Mary.  Contrast this with the last time we saw God walking in a garden with His children (Genesis 3).  What has changed? How does this change impact the you/us?
  2. Thomas often gets a bad wrap in the Easter narrative, not being present at Jesus’ first appearance and doubting until he sees the Lord.  Sometimes we are like Thomas, though, too. Have there been times in your life when you doubted God? What were they and what did it take for you to believe?
  3. Easter seems to come and go in our lives much like every other holiday, with times of celebration and extra busyness, but no real impact on our everyday lives.  If Easter indeed changes everything for us, what is one practical impact it will have on your life this week?