Isaiah 9:2, 6-7 “Advent: Worship Fully”

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Today is the first Sunday of Advent, a season in which we prepare for and anticipate the coming of Jesus, our Lord, and Savior. Unfortunately, for many, this season has become one of preparing to decorate, have parties, and go shopping and anticipating the gifts that we are going to get and give. Consumerism has largely taken over this season, replacing Christmas music with the songs of sales and advertisements.
Yet in the midst of this, the word still goes out: the Savior is coming! Into the noise and the chaos of life the arrival of Jesus is announced again. Like the messages of the prophets from long ago and the sudden visit of Mary by an angel, God shows up in the busyness of our lives in the form of a baby. Though we know the story, it still isn’t quite what we expect. Yet, when we approach the manger, things begin to change.
Questions to take home:
What are some memories of Advent that you have from previous years? How did these things impact your experience of the celebration of Christmas?
Worship is about placing a particular person or thing above all else. This can be seen in how we focus our attention, spend our time, or even our money. Take an honest look at your life during this holiday season. What do you find yourself worshiping? Is it what you want to be worshiping?
How are you going prepare for Jesus’ coming in Advent this year? Will you try something new? What are your hopes for how God will meet you this Advent season?